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Press Room
Military Vaccine Resource Directory.

We are more than happy to put reporters in touch with those who have become ill from the military's mandatory bioterrorism vaccines, with those who have refused the vaccines, and/or with various family members, activists, and others who are affected by these issues. We ask that you understand the following:

  1. Active-duty troops are punished for speaking out against these vaccine programs. If they agree to speak, they may require a guarantee of confidentiality and anonymity.
  2. Those troops or veterans who are going through a Medical Evaluation Board process or who are negotiating for their VA rating and benefits may feel that speaking out will jeopardize their chances of being treated well and fairly.
  3. Those troops and veterans who are involved in any of the various lawsuits regarding these vaccines may have been prevented by their attorneys from speaking out.

All that being said, once we know the story angle you are looking for, we can usually fulfill your requests for a good interview. Please e-mail us at contact@mvrd.org, let us know who you are, and what you need. We work to develop solid relationships and mutual trust with reporters, news editors and news directors, and will do our utmost to ensure you have the background information, context, and interview subjects that you need in order to help you create the most credible and excellent story possible.

Current Press Releases

Student Thesis Series, Winter 2010- The Anthrax Vaccine: A Dilemma for Homeland Security

The winner of the "Outstanding Thesis Award" for cohort 0803/0804 goes to Lt. Col. Thomas Rempfer for his in-depth study of the events leading to current policies that control the production and distribution of the Anthrax vaccine.

The US and Viet Nam are just NOW talking about the effects of Agent Orange
I just posted this article under the VA section of this site, with no small amount of astonishment that here we are, about 40 years later, and our government is just NOW willing to talk about the Vietnamese who were injured by Agent Orange, the same as our own troops were? Just now?

New Disability Review Process

To all:
Recently, the DOD has come out and said that anyone who left the military for medical reasons, but received a disability rating of 20%, 10%, or 0% since Sept 11, 2001 - Dec 31, 2009 is eligible to have their case reviewed. Those of you that are former clients of mine all received at least 30%, some much higher, so it wouldn't apply to you. However, you probably know other people who weren't so fortunate. Because of this new mandate, they can get their cases reviewed, and have a decent chance of getting it increased to a full retirement, especially if the VA awarded a higher disability percentage. The best part is that they cannot decrease the award, it can only be increased.
The AF is the lead agency, although the members of the board will be from all the different services. Plus, there are very swift deadlines -- the board is supposed to process appeals within 45-60 days of receiving the appeal & the records. We can't, of course, guarantee it will happen that fast. But, to have this opportunity at all is outstanding!! Please let all your fellow service members know about this change. Here is the announcement, with links.

7-year anthrax emergency declared along with vaccine/remedy immunity

But Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and some other Democrats, along with consumer groups such as Public Citizen, derided the liability provision as a giveaway to the drug industry. Kennedy said the bill makes it "essentially impossible" for injured parties to sue for damages. He also argued that the measure allows the HHS secretary to use many common diseases as a reason to activate the liability shield. "Without a real compensation program, the liability protection in the defense bill provides a Christmas present to the drug industry and bag of coal to everyday Americans," stated a Dec 21 news release issued by Kennedy and Sens. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and Chris Dodd, D-Conn.

"All the Way Home" move trailer; movie to be shown in Congress Wednesday, July 23

"All the Way Home," a movie featuring our own Vance Wasden, long disabled from the anthrax vaccine, and other disabled vets on the outdoor experience of a lifetime, will be shown in Congress this Wednesday, July 23, and later to the VA with future distribution via cable channels. Stay tuned, and enjoy the trailer!! You can also order the full DVD from this site.

Bill in Congress Needs Leaders, Support, to overcome Feres Doctrine

Carmelo Rodriguez Military Medical Accountability Act of 2008 - Amends the Federal Tort Claims Act to allow claims for damages to be brought against the United States for personal injury or death of a member of the Armed Forces arising out of a negligent or wrongful act or omission in the performance of medical, dental, or related health care functions that: (1) takes place other than in the context of combat; and (2) is provided by persons acting within the scope of their office or employment by or at the direction of the Armed Forces, whether inside or outside the United States.
Provides for a reduction of claims under this Act by the present value of other benefits attributable to such death or injury received by the member and by that member's estate, survivors, and beneficiaries pursuant to other federal law.

"A Call to Arms" to be shown in Washington D.C.May 18
Scott Miller has asked us to help spread the word that his film is being shown at the GI Film Festival in Washington DC on Sunday, May 18 at 9:30 am.
The GI Film Festival will be May 14-18. If you live nearby it would help to go and support Scott for all his hard work and dedication over the years. The tickets are $5.00.
Thank you Scott for another great job!
A Call to Arms
GI Film Festival
Thank you for passing this event on to all you know.

New book about the development/testing of biological warfare agents on military personnel, prison inmates and nursing home patients

This book is about the development and testing of biological warfare agents on military personnel, prison inmates and nursing home patients and the extreme actions that local administrators and participants took to keep this program secret, including murder. I think that you will be interested in this book. You can learn more about it on the website above.

Military Anthrax Vaccine Leaves OKC Woman Impaired

Former Air Force Captain and attorney Kelli Donley relates the story of how effects from the anthrax vaccine were not immediately apparent, but built up over time. leading to severe problems years later.

Dying to Serve?

On the Montel Williams Show, Friday, Sept. 7th: Military personnel and exposure to depleted uranium; the Defense Department's policy on anthrax vaccination for servicemembers. Guests include Kelli Donley, a former Air Force captain who says she became ill after receiving the anthrax vaccine; and Raymond Ramos, a former National Guard sergeant who believes he was sickened by depleted uranium.

Legal Ruling on Anthrax I lawsuit: Government's position not substantially justified

Kudos to attorneys Lou Michels and Mark Zaid!

Attached find the DC Court's ruling on attorney fees. It is a decisive conclusion to the Anthrax 1 litigation. The key is that the Plaintiffs were the "prevailing party" and the defendant's / government's position was not "substantially justified" as was their argument in their attempt to avoid a technical "loss" and the payment of attorney's fees.

Excerpt: "The Court, however, finds more persuasive the argument that the proposed order could not have meant to approve AVA for inhalation anthrax when it explicitly stated that it found no evidence to prove AVAs effectiveness against inhalation anthrax. In fact, the 2003 final order had to directly contradict the scientific conclusions in the proposed order regarding the Brachman study in order to support the position that AVA was effective against inhalation anthrax. See id. at 7. Given the explicit qualifications in the proposed order and the reversal in analysis in the 2003 final order, the Court concludes that defendants litigation position was not substantially justified ... In this case, there is no question that plaintiffs have prevailed overall as they achieved the permanent injunctive relief that they sought."

Bottomline: it is now definitive legal precedent that the AVIP was illegal from it's inception through Dec '05. Now on to the pending Anthrax 2 litigation, and a court determination whether the same reversal of scientific opinion is substantially justifiable for the new licensure of anthrax vaccine after FDA ignored and dismissed negative public comment in the finalized rule making process.

(Maine) Governor to Present Bill to Protect Health of National Guard Members

Governor John Baldacci will be joined by Speaker of the House Glenn Cummings and a bipartisan group of legislators to unveil ground-breaking legislation that will help safeguard the health of members of the Maine National Guard. When: 2:30 p.m., Friday, May 4 Where: Hall of Flags, State House Who: Governor John Baldacci, legislative leaders and co-sponsors, Barbara Damon-Day The bill, which is sponsored by more than 150 members of the House and Senate, will create the Commission to Protect the Lives and Health of Members of the Maine National Guard. The Commission, working with the Maine Department of Defense and Veterans' Services and the Maine Center for Disease Control, will review all preventative health care treatment practices and protocols, vaccinations and other medications administered to members of the Maine National Guard, and propose recommendations to the U.S. Military regarding safer healthcare practices and medications. The Commission will also assist veterans' families who have members who have died or been wounded while in the National Guard. The Commission will address the issue of accurate and timely information in regard to the death or wounding of a National Guard member. Barbara Damon-Day, whos son Capt. Patrick Damon died while serving with the National Guard in Afghanistan, has lead the effort to create the Commission.

Veterans Outdoor Group Set

Note: Picture on front page changes: Vance is the one with the big grin holding the fishing rod.
POCATELLO: Vance Wasden made a personal vow during the time he sat in a wheelchair. If he ever got out of that thing, he swore he'd make it his mission to get other disabled veterans hooked on fly fishing.
"I was in a wheelchair for about two years, and I only got to go fishing one time in those two years," Wasden said. This weekend is a big step toward making good on that promise.
This weekend is a big step toward making good on that promise. On Saturday, he and a half dozen other veterans struggling to cope with disabilities launched a new organization at the 14th Annual East Idaho Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo and Banquet, hosted Friday and Saturday at the Shilo Inn in Idaho Falls.
Though they have yet to come up with a name for their new fly fishing organization, which they expect will grow rapidly in coming months, theyll depart on their first float trip today. The Lodge at Palisades Creek donated todays fishing float trip down the South Fork of the Snake River.
Editor's Note: Vance Wasden and his wife, Michelle, are absolute role models for anyone dealing with the disabilities brought on by the anthrax vaccine - or any other military vaccines, for that matter. They never feel sorry for themselves; they have dealt with role-reveral in their marriage, since Vance can't work a full-time job; they never lose their sense of humor; and they raise their children with a love and acceptance that is amazing to watch. I am so proud to be able to feature them here. To contact Vance Wasden: VMWasden7@aol.com

Policy Shift Cut Disability Retirements

Wary of rising disability retirement costs, the Department of Defense under then-secretary Caspar Weinberger quietly sought and received an internal legal opinion that, to this day, tamps down the number of wounded or ill service members awarded military disability retirement. The March 25, 1985, memo from the DoD office of general counsel, which only recently came to light, gave Defense health officials a green light to restrain military disability ratings without a change in law. They did so by directing the services to stop setting disability awards based on all service-connected ailments found during medical evaluations, and start basing them only on conditions that leave members unfit for duty. The policy change took effect in February 1986 with a revised DoD instruction to services. Its impact can be profound on individuals, particularly in wartime. The Veterans Disability Benefits Commission is studying the effects and its chairman this month sounded an alarm. The advantages of receiving disability retirement, which requires a 30-percent or higher disability rating, are great for members with less than 20 years in service. Beside an immediate annuity, disabled retirees and their families gain lifetime access to TRICARE, to base shopping privileges and to a host of other perks tied to retiree status. Veterans with disability ratings of 0 to 20 percent receive only a lump-sum severance payment upon discharge. They can apply to the Department of Veterans Affairs for a higher rating and will often get one, which can mean monthly VA compensation and improved access to medical care. But VA care isnt available to families and VA doesnt offer base-like support services . . . Injured war veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are becoming more aware of the critical 30-percent threshold. Some credit for that goes to retired Army Lt. Gen. James Terry Scott, chairman of the Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission. Scott spotlighted the value of 30 percent ratings, and ruffled feathers of DoD officials, before a Senate hearing last week when he said the higher cost of disability retirement, versus severance pay, gives DoD a strong incentive to award 20 percent or less. No service does it more often than the Army, according to fresh service data released by Scott. From 2000 through 2006, the Army gave ratings of 30 percent or higher to only 13 percent of soldiers deemed disabled. By comparison, the Navy awarded disability retirement to 36 percent of its disabled members. The Air Force number was 27 and the Marines Corps 18 percent. More troubling, Scott suggested, was data showing Army awarded a 0 percent rating to 13,646 soldiers that it found unfit for duty. The Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force had assigned 0 ratings only to 400 apiece.

SUCKERED AGAIN: Abandonment of Vets is a Military Tradition

Abandonment of Vets is a Military Tradition

NEW YORK--Americans were dismayed to learn that soldiers wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq--"fallen heroes," as network news calls them--were being warehoused in Building 18, a rat- and roach-infested satellite of the Army's Walter Reed Medical Center.

Disbelief turned to disgust with the disclosure that injured veterans are going bankrupt and losing their homes because the Veterans Administration (V.A.) holds up their benefit checks for years on end...

The surprise is that anyone is surprised. Every generation of warriors has marched off to war based on the pledge that they would be taken care of no matter what. America has broken that promise every time.

Abandoning men who lose their limbs and sanity in battle is a tradition that goes back to America's first war.

More than 40 years passed before Revolutionary War vets got their pensions--by which time most had died. Of the few survivors, only those who could prove they were indigent actually collected.

At the end of the Civil War, Union Army soldiers received a $250 discharge bonus, a modest sum that didn't last long due during a postwar period of high unemployment. By 1868 New York Governor Reuben E. Fenton remarked that homeless veterans in New York State were "numbered by the thousands."

More than 300,000 soldiers were wounded in combat during World War I, but the Veterans Bureau, predecessor of the V.A., rejected all but 47,000 claims. "The Veterans Bureau," a columnist wrote in 1925, "has probably made wrecks of more men since the war than the war itself took in dead and maimed."

Open letter from attorney Mark Zaid; topic of miscarried military justice

Many of you may know that since June 2006, I have served as co-civilian counsel, along with Neal Puckett who is lead counsel (and Of Counsel to my law office), for SSgt Frank Wuterich, USMC. Frank is now facing multiple counts of murder for the events arising from the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians at Haditha, Iraq on November 19, 2005. He was the squad commander for the 3/1 that tragic day.
This is a highly unusual case for me. Other than the dozen or so military courts-martials I handled back in 1999-2000 dealing with anthrax vaccine refusers, I am not a criminal defense attorney much less a military criminal defense attorney (though I often represent military servicemembers in the civil context in administrative or litigation proceedings against their federal agencies).
Neal brought me in on this case due to the high-profile and sensitive nature of the allegations. This is not a typical military case. It has become highly politicized and, in our opinion, these young Marines are being sacrificed for foreign policy reasons. Indeed, one of the first things Neal and I did after I reviewed the facts of the case known at that time was to initiate, on August 2, 2006, a defamation lawsuit (which has no partisan agenda whatsoever) against Congressman John Murtha for incredibly inappropriate public statements he made that have already been proven by the government's alleged charges to be false. These statements created a further climate that contributed to the public pressures to file charges against our client.
I should point out that the Haditha case has nothing to do with the Hamdania case, which is constantly confused as one and the same. No one has pled guilty, much less confessed, to any crime with respect to Haditha. No one has been confined or shackled. The confusion between the two cases, and other clear examples of criminal conduct in Iraq, has also contributed to the negative - inaccurate - public image of our client and his fellow Marines.
I have reviewed thousands of pages of evidence that few have seen. The deaths of these Iraqi civilians was a terrible tragedy, but it was not a massacre as some in the media have portrayed. And I personally do not believe, based on what I know, that SSgt Wuterich committed a crime that day. War is a terrible thing. Innocent lives are lost. This was not the first time, nor will it be the last. Whenever women, children and the elderly are killed it is natural to want to blame someone. After all, how can it be possible that children are killed and no one is punished? But if the rules of engagement and the laws of war, especially under the circumstances such as existed in Haditha that day, are to mean anything, then SSgt Wuterich is innocent of all charges.
We are set to prove this and defend the law. The Article 32 hearing, which is the initial step within the military system, is scheduled to begin June 4, 2007. There will be a great deal of press, no doubt good and bad, that will appear in the coming months. This case is important enough to me that I am devoting a significant amount of my time to it. There is, in fact, far more at stake than just the eight Marines who have been charged with crimes arising from actions taken that day. What it means to be a U.S. Marine is being challenged. Indeed, the system, and some may even say the War, is on trial.
I wanted to make you aware of a website that has been set up to educate the public about Frank. It provides relevant information about the incident, routinely posts updates on the case and, more importantly, personalizes this young man. I encourage you to take some time and review it.
Moreover, your wide dissemination of this website would be appreciated. Frank needs as many voices in his corner as possible so that justice will be done.

Testimonials needed from veterans with symptoms related to MS

Julie Mock (MS Vets) is requesting help in gathering testimonials from veterans with symptoms related to MS. See info below.

Please share the information below with your veteran groups and email listings:
1. Our Veterans' Surveys are now open for your use. Take your time in the comfort of your own home to make your experiences through the VA's healthcare and benefits process known publicly.

We suggest you "Log in" at the top of each survey so that you may return at a later time to correct or update your answers. We will not collect any personal identification information, nor share your email address with anyone else, however, your answers will be visible to the public and we will use your email address only to verify legitimate entries.

Click on this link to the main page of the surveys. You will then be able to fill out 5 survey forms which deal in different areas of interests:

Thank you for your time and effort in providing your answers which will show a more detailed history of your experiences, exposures, healthcare, and benefits for future use in research and veteran reporting!

Email forwarded from Julie Mock:
Greetings all: Last year I lobbied legislators with the NW Chapter, PVA, to renew funding for the VA MS Centers of Excellence. In December, we realized our efforts and the Centers were guaranteed funding. As a Gulf veteran diagnosed with MS, I have spoken with many veterans who have been diagnosed with MS only to have the validity of their diagnosis questioned by the VA. Diagnosis from board-certified neurologists are to be honored by the VA and many have been negated. Many veterans who have been diagnosed with MS within the VA system have seen their diagnosis flip/flop as well. In March, I will again be working with the NW PVA in Washington. But I need your help. Please, if you are a veteran with MS, if you have experienced "MS-like" symptoms but are unable to receive a referral for an MRI, if you have a flip/flopping diagnosis neurological in nature, I ask that you to do the following: First, write a testimonial of your experience as chronologically correct as memory will serve you. Please list your care facility. Please inculde what you would consider to be a resolution to the problem/issue you are writing about. Please also gave your name and contact information.I ask that you submit your testimonial to me off-group at the following e-mail address: Gulfms@aol.com For more information, please feel free to e-mail me personally off-group: juliemock@vmw.cc Thanks -- together we are making a difference!
Julie Mock President, Veterans of Modern Warfare

Plaintiffs needed in lawsuit to challenge anthrax vaccine revival

The latest lawsuit challenging the resumption of mandatory anthrax vaccinations is expected to be filed next week. Anyone who is willing to be a plaintiff, please immediately email attorney Mark Zaid directly at zaidms@aol.com.

There will be no financial gain to any plaintiff, as this lawsuit is based solely on principle. There will also be no personal costs. Plaintiffs will be challenging the FDA's unlawful licensure of anthrax vaccine for DoD and the agency's failure to regulate its manufacturer(s), including DoD, in accordance with requirement of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Any active, Guard or reserve miliary servicemember, DoD Contractor, or DoD Civilian Emergency Essential Personnel who will be deploying (or who reasonably expects that they may be deployed) to the two announced areas where the anthrax vaccine will be a mandated by DoD - CENTCOM or Korea.

Plaintiff volunteers will be determined on a case by case basis by the attorney(s) based solely on legal tactical considerations. Due to DoD's established practice of challenging each Plaintiffs' standing to sue, the lawyers are seeking a diverse group of plaintiffs whose individual circumstances can survive such government challenges.

The best candidate plaintiffs will be those who are required to take the vaccine and do not refuse, but who nonetheless want to challenge the lawfulness of the mandatory anthrax vaccine policy. (We are not advocating that anyone take or not take the shots - it's a personal choice.)

If one is ordered to take the shot and refuses prior to the case being filed and UCMJ punishment is pending, it may complicate serving as a plaintiff because of Supreme Court precedents in other military-related cases. (See: http://www.military-biodefensevaccines.org - "Anthrax Vaccine" "If you Refuse to Take the Anthrax Vaccine").

In any case, if you desire to be a plaintiff please email Mr. Zaid and fully explain your circumstances.

If you have any questions, please contact me, attorney Mark Zaid (zaidms@aol.com) or John Richardson (jrdca@aol.com).

Statement of opposition from Military Vaccine Resource DIrectory

It perplexes The Military Vaccine Resource Directory and other grassroots groups of concerned citizens and professionals that The Dod would make such a move in light of the yet unresolved questions about the safety, efficacy and legality of the current anthrax vaccine.

It is important that facts uncovered over the past eight years continue to be held up to the light as members of the media and Congressional staffers assess the DoD's re-launch of this previously failed program. Private citizens, members of Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Federal Courts have all detailed a deceitful and discouraging history regarding the development and use of the anthrax vaccine. Key findings and reports are listed below.

Why the anthrax vaccine was not - and IS NOT - safe

The following is a brief recounting of what we know, and how long we've known it. Click on the link for the orginal document which includes hotlinks to the artices referenced throughout. Our knowledge of the anthrax vaccine and the damage it causes has not changed; what puzzles us is that the DoD apparently wants to use the same brew as before, when millions upon millions of dollars have been spent encouraging other companies to develop a better anthrax vaccine. Please see the "Vaccines in Development" section of this site for more information.

The fundamental facts remain unaltered, despite the DoD's attempt to change the history of the anthrax vaccine. The vaccine, in DoD's own words, is or was unsatisfactory, inadequate, highly reactive, of limited effectiveness and therefore was experimental / investigational, thus illegal to mandate. The new license, for the same old vaccine, remains improper because the required clinical trials never occurred. DoD's intended use of the vaccine for inhaled anthrax remains unproven according to GAO testimony, and therefore the mandatory order remains illegal. FDA's continued failures to properly regulate only complicate the situation. Though DoD actions with respect to the anthrax vaccine violate our honor codes, core values, oath of office and the basic trust Americans require, the truth should not be lost.

Vets need to take action against false reports denying Gulf War Syndrome

Ideas for IOM Report response
* All Gulf War veterans need to call or write Ross Perot
* All Gulf War veterans need to call or write Kay Bailey to hold hearings on the findings of the IOM.
* All Gulf War veterans need to call or write VA on the Feingold letter
* All Gulf War veterans need to call or write Chris Shays and ask him to hold hearingsb * The IOM and the VA need to be put under oath and ask them questions, real questions that will trap them in their lies.
* Gulf War veterans demand hearings. Gulf war veterans demand treatment for their illness regardless of the name of the sickness. Gulf war veterans demand that every Senator and every Congressman issue a statement in support of 1991 veterans and veterans of today

Tracking and Monitoring Federal Government Vaccine Legislation

Click here if you want continual updates on federal vaccine legislation.

Anthrax Vaccine: A Case for Accountability

Note: This article was originally published April 27, 2006, by Soldiers for the Truth at www.sftt.org.
". . .Since the mandatory anthrax vaccine program began in 1998, not one general or admiral has objected to forcing troops to take an anthrax vaccine made by a company that DoD allowed to be sold to a non-citizen, Fuad El-Hibri, who then gave 13% ownership to former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. William Crowe in 1998  for nothing.[v] [vi]
Even after federal Judge Emmet Sullivan declared the mandatory anthrax shot program to be "illegal" and issued an injunction to shut it down in 2004, not one senior officer spoke out against this illegal experiment on the troops.[vii] . . ."

For Soldiers Appetites, Reinforcements

*For Soldiers Appetites, Reinforcements Every week, Merry Debbrecht pulls about 1,200 cookies out of her electric range in Rose Hill, Kan. She packs them a dozen at a time in Ziploc bags, fills a postal box and sends them to war. Mrs. Debbrecht's care packages, born of a grandmotherly caring for the young soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, are not much different from the ones that have long made their way to battlefields. But now, the troops who receive Mrs. Debbrecht's cookies request them through a Web site called treatthetroops.org, and send her thank-you notes via e-mail. Familiar food has long comforted troops fighting wars in foreign countries. But the modern care package is different because of the complicated logistics of this war, advancements in technology and the diverse and sophisticated palates of today's troops. Families who pack boxes of food for the troops have to work around regulations unique to this war. Pork products are forbidden. And unlike in past wars, where a well-meaning home cook could make a batch of cookies and send them to Any Service Member, the threat of anthrax or other terrorist acts means packages must be addressed to a specific person.

Gulf War Vets Survey site now launched

Navarre Beach (PRWEB) April 13, 2006 - Gulf Vet Survey, a dedicated group of veterans, health professionals and concerned citizens, today announced they were launching an effort to survey every veteran for multiple hazardous materials exposure. Veterans exposed to hazardous materials in the fog of war, need the resources and support they were promised from the very governments that sent them into the exposures in the first place.

Veterans with physically visible direct combat wounds get the lions share of attention from the DOD, the VA and the major news media and these veterans are more likely to receive their compensation for service connected injuries than are veterans with multiple hazardous materials exposures. Veterans with multiple hazardous materials exposures must wait until study after study is done. . . . . .The same is happening to Desert Shield/Desert Storm (Persian Gulf War)veterans and the same will happen with today's Iraqi Freedom veterans if action is not taken now to reverse the trend. No U.S. Veteran, after dedicating themselves to protecting and preserving the freedoms of American life, deserves to be left to die a slow and painful death. As a government and as a nation, we can do better. Gulf Vet Survey is going to poll all veterans, family members and the public at large to collect the statistics needed to get the veterans the care they need. The care they deserve.

We need your photo if you have been affected by the anthrax vaccine

This link is Scott Miller's e-mail address. Scott is the Hollywood producer who, on his own time and with private funding, produced the remarkable film "Direct Order," about the anthrax vaccine (see http://www.directorder.org. Tonight, he writes with a request about his second film:
I am almost finished with my new film A CALL TO ARMS which is about the anthrax vaccine within our military as well as the English and Australians. It also incorporates the civilians population.
I know you responded favorably to Direct Order, but this one is going to open up the story.
. . .I need your help again. I have a sequence in the film with Linda Hamilton talking of the illnesses that seem to go with the vaccine. What I need is photos of members of the military(Ideally in Uniform) and their family members who have been affected from the vaccine, either from the shots or their inner circle affected or their refusal, etc.
The more photos the stronger the scene. They can be a PDF file or they can send it or however they can get them to me I will work it out for the individual. This will put faces to the problem and it comes in the film at a time when with the screenings so far, the audience is reacting the way I had intended them to and the photos would put the message over the edge.

Vaccine treatment centers for military personnel partially funded

Story originally ran Jan. 10, 2006
The U.S. Vaccine Healthcare Centers, which assess and help treat military personnel potentially sickened by biodefense vaccines, received specific congressional funding for the first time in this fiscal year.

While helping to ensure their continuity, the funding is only $3 million of the $6 million sought, leaving the centers to appeal to the Army or other military services to make up the difference.

. . .final paragraph:Meanwhile, the military since 2002 has been conducting mass vaccinations for anthrax and smallpox. The centers in fiscal 2003 and fiscal 2004 combined treated approximately 1,200 recipients of the anthrax and other vaccines presenting a range of side-effects, from muscle pain and chronic fatigue to multiple sclerosis. Many personnel are believed eligible for treatment but unaware that the centers exist.

Senate Votes Down Mandatory Funding for VA Healthcare

Once again the Senate has voted down mandatory funding for VA healthcare. The amendment was offered by Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan. It was voted down along party lines...Democratic Senators FOR...Republican Senators AGAINST. Please pass this information along to other veterans and their families.

The silence of our elected representatives in regard to those who have been injured by the anthrax vaccine

can be summed up in the following.

Click on this link for a movie trailer from Sony picures. "Why We Fight" won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.

Evans, Berkley Introduce Legislation to Allow Veterans a Choice in Representation

Washington, DC - Congressman Lane Evans of Illinois, Ranking Democrat on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee and Congresswoman Shelley Berkley of Nevada, Ranking Democratic Member on the Committee's Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs, today introduced a bill (H.R. 4914) that would permit veterans to hire an attorney when they disagree with a benefits claims decision of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Currently, veterans are not allowed to hire an attorney until the end of the administrative appeals process, specifically, after the Board of Veterans Appeals has rendered a decision.

"We recognize that many fine veterans service organizations have traditionally provided full representation to veterans and their families without cost and expect that these organizations would continue to represent most claimants. Nonetheless, we believe that in this day and age, veterans should not be prohibited from hiring an attorney if they choose to do so," said Evans.

"I hear from Nevada veterans all the time who wish to hire an attorney to represent them in a VA matter, but cannot do so because of this needless restriction. There is no good reason why Congress should prevent veterans from exercising their choice to seek legal representation. We should have ended this outdated prohibition dating back to the Civil War ages ago," said Berkley.

The restriction on attorney representation dates from the Civil War era when concern for attorneys preying on sick and disabled veterans resulted in legislation which limited the fee attorneys could charge to $10.00. Although the $10.00 limit no longer applies, veterans are currently prohibited from hiring an attorney to appeal an initial VA decision.

Evans and Berkley said the "Veterans' Choice of Representation Act" responds to a January 22, 2006, Washington Post article which questioned: "If American soldiers are mature and responsible enough to choose to risk their lives for their country, shouldn't they be considered competent to hire a lawyer?"

Attorney Lou Michels to speak on Power Hour today

Attorney and Retired Lieutenant Colonel JOHN (LOU) MICHELS who has taken on the entire mandatory anthrax vaccination program, or AVIP, and is proving that the forced anthrax vaccine has not only failed in its stated goal of providing adequate protection to all members of the active duty and active reserve forces, but has caused many service members to question whether their civilian and military leadership has their best interest at heart will be speaking about this on The Power Hour which airs at 7-10 A.M. CST and replays again at night 9Pm-12am CST. Should prove to be a very interesting program

A Shameful End to a Shameful Congress

Read this statement to see exactly how the Defense Appropirations bill came down, and what behind-the-scenes machination Senator Bill Frist used to get there - insisting on 40 new pages inserted into the legislation after Congress had signed off, and were promised that what they had seen was all that there would be.

We get the country we settle for by not paying attention

I suppose we get the country we settle for by not paying attention.

Somehow, although our Senators prevented drilling in the Arctic Wildlife National Refuge, in the same bill they manage to turn away from the voices sounding alarms about giving the pharmaceutical companies sweeping protection from any liability for harm or death caused by their drugs and vaccines. The passed this protection into law without question.

The news report we posted ( http://releases.usnewswire.com/GetRelease.asp?id=58603) takes the point of view that its because the Senators hold stock in the pharmaceutical companies. Im not so sure its that easy an explanation, although the money at stake for the pharmaceuticals is, indeed, astronomical. I think its also because our congressional delegations are so divorced from the daily life that most Americans lead  and certainly that our service members and veterans lead  that issues like this just arent real to them. Its not very likely that they, or their children or grandchildren, will be forced to take an unlicensed, unproven bioterrorism vaccine. Its unlikely theyve ever understood that both the anthrax vaccine and the smallpox vaccine cause more harm than good. Its unlikely theyll ever have to face such choices.

But you have a choice, at least for now: dont take these bioterrorism vaccines; and, in general, dont take new, experimental drugs put out by the pharmaceutical industry. Theyll have been fast-tracked by the FDA, and rely on animal data without adequate human testing. And the protection for the pharmaceutical companies means they can take short-cuts in their own manufacturing and testing, because theyll never be held accountable. Got a Vioxx-induced heart attack death? Forget it. Your tough luck.

We get the country we settle for by not paying attention.

Kathryn D. Hubbell Dec. 23, 2005

Request to find more individuals ill from the anthrax vaccine

As everyone has heard, the FDA has once again asserted that the anthrax vaccine is safe and effective - the fradulent battle continues. As always, per my guidelines, I'm once again requesting from those ill permission to use your information for legal, congressional and media purposes.

Editor's note: You may also enter the same information requested below into the Database of the Ill using the link on the left-hand menu of this site. Your data will be stored there anonymously; this is a searchable database to help others looking for people with the same symptoms and illnesses. Randi is asking for stories in order to have the word spread so that more people hear and see your stories in the media.

Whether you've responded "okay" before in the past or not, please continue to do so, so I'm not releasing anyone's information that you don't want released. To make sure our information is updated, please send me your permission as well as:
address (complete):
tel # (home):
tel # (cell):
email address:
dates of anthrax vaccine(s):
diagnosis/symptoms (dates, even if approximate):
VAERS report filed?:
By whom? (include dates, even if approximate):
DoD disability rating? (include dates, even if approximate):
VA disability rating? (include dates, even if approximate):

This message needs to go far and wide - we need a lot of responses. The above applies to anyone that can document that they received the anthrax vaccine (even GWV's) - as well as anyone that may have also received a "cocktail" of immunizations, as long as the anthrax vaccine can also be documented.

Please respond as soon as possible. As always, any questions, please feel free to email or call me.
Randi Airola

Military Vaccine Action Committee joins National Gulf War Resource Center in open letter to President Bush, ad & letter to Congress

The Military Vaccine Action Committee has joined with the National Gulf War Resource Center in an open letter to President Bush protesting immunity for vaccine manufacturers on behalf of service members and veterans. In addition, this ad ran today in the Congressional Daily.

National Vaccine Information Center urges action on Burr bill

"As passed by the Senate committee, the bill would exempt BARDA from the Freedom of Information Act, which requires federal agencies to disclose records requested in writing. In the 40-year history of the law, no other federal agency has ever received such a blanket exclusion. Among the groups speaking out: the Federation of American Scientists, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and the National Vaccine Information Center, a patients' advocacy group."
- Dec. 12, 2005 Charlotte Observer See: http://www.charlotte.com/mld/observer/news/local/13386971.htm

NVIC Note:
On Oct. 19 and Nov. 15, NVIC issued national press releases which informed the public about the efforts of Senator Burr (R-NC) and others to protect drug companies from all liability for vaccine injuries and deaths which occur whenever the Secretary of Health declares an actual or "potential" public health emergency (see http://www.nvic.org/). The legislation will also set up a secret agency within the federal government (BARDA) that will oversee the development of experimental drugs and vaccines that will be used on Americans during emergencies.

We have mamaged to slow the bill down. Everyone who responded to NVIC's call and the call of allied parent organizations to contact Congress has worked (see article below).



To find out who your Senator is, go to www.Senate.gov To find out who your Congressperson is, go to www.House.gov To call your Senator or Congressperson, phone 202-224-3121 and ask for him or her by name.

YOUR RIGHT TO ACCESS THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM IF YOU ARE HARMED IS A CIVIL RIGHT. This legislation cuts off your right to go to court if you are hurt by vaccines used in a declared emergency - even if you can prove the drug company engaged in criminal fraud and negligence in making the vaccine.

YOUR RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT TO USING VACCINES THAT CAN INJURE OR KILL YOU IS A HUMAN RIGHT. This legislation cuts off your right to know what is in the vaccines you may be forced to use in a declared emergency and how many people they have already injured and killed.


Anthrax Series of Reports, Stories from Vets, Refusers, more

Many congratulations to the Daily Press of Hampton Roads, Virginia, and reporter Bob Evans for this incredible series on the anthrax vaccine, the damage done to our troops and veterans, the legal and illegal implications of the vaccine, and its development. This is a superb series. We were not able to post all the stories here, but highly recommend reading all of them.

Anthrax Vaccine Court Arguments Dec. 1, 2005

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 1, 2005, oral arguments will be held at 9:30 a.m. before the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (Judges Randolph, Tatel & Griffith) in the case of John Doe #6 et al. v. Rumsfeld et al, which successfully challenged and stopped the Department of Defense's mandatory Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program. The Hon. Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia initially imposed a temporary restraining order on the Defense Department in December 2003. Following action by the Food & Drug Administration just eight days later the injunction was lifted in January 2004, only to be re-imposed, this time on a permanent basis, in October 2004 when the Court ruled the vaccination program to be unlawful. A copy of the decision that serves as the basis for the Government's appeal can be found at: http://www.dcd.uscourts.gov/03-707c.pdf The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is located on the 5th Floor of the Courthouse at 3rd & Constitution Avenue, N.W.

The National Vaccine Information Center www.nvic.org is urging people to contact their Congressional delgations immediately to couneract the current appropriations bill which will bar citizens from suing drug companies if citizens are injured by biodefense vaccines or a pandemic flu vaccine - language that is being inserted into the bill without public debate.

Oral arguments scheduled in John Doe et. al. vs. Donald Rumsfeld et. al.
Oral arguments have been scheduled for 9:30 am Dec. 1, 2005, before Judges Randolph, Tatel & Griffith in the U.S. District Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. in this landmark case/ This case has so far resulted in the mandatory anthrax vaccine twice being declared illegal, and in its current status as a voluntary vaccine. Appeals have gone back and forth, and this is the next step.

See the Legal Issues section of this web site for background on this case.

Why is BioPort asking for information from the ill?

Apparently BioPort, the manufacturere of the military's anthrax vaccine, has sent letters to some of those who are ill from the vaccine, asking them to file VAERS reports and to provide BioPort with further "clinical information" about their illnesses beyond the VAERS reports. We have some questions of our own:
Why now? Why not ask the DOD, who is supposed to be tracing vaccines and their adverse reactions? Why did you send VAERS forms when that's the DOD's responsibility? What are you going to do with the "clinical information" you've requested? Are you finally going to admit the problems, and get service members the medical help they have long deserved and desperately need? Are you trying to show you care long after the fact? Sorry - it doesn't wash. The timing of this is just a little too suspicious.

Lt. Col. Russel E. Dingle - obituary

This web site was originally started to bring the critical work of Russ Dingle and his Tiger Team Alpha partner, Tom Rempfer, to the public. The full body of research, articles, petitions, and Congressional testimony provided by Lt. Col. Dingle and his Tiger Team Alpha teammate, Major Thomas Rempfer, can be found by clicking on the "Pilots' Corner" at left. Soon, we will also post the interactive table Russ provided with all of his sources and references for his research. We remain forever indebted to Russ for the work he did, and forever inspired by his commitment, professionalism, and inherent kindness.

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List of required military vaccines:
See military section of "Vaccines in Development"
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See menu at left. Between these and this site you are now on, you can piece together the history of how the DoD has been forced to be accountable for the highly reactive, dangerous, experimental anthrax vaccine. We hope to write a summary of recommendations for those needing to continue to hold the government accountable for medical experimentation on our troops.

VERPA (Veterans Equal Rights Protection Act) has moved

Please take a moment to review our new web site at: http://www.verpa.us and please let us know what you think. We will update this site on a regular basis so please visit often. If there is any information you wish to submit for consideration and placement on our site, please send it to verpafounder@verpa.us. For example, we would like to place questions of national importance on our site, so please send us any suggestions you might have to better our mission for All Military, Veterans and Families who have been denied redress of a military connected injury or injustice either in the Department of Defense (DOD/Armed Forces) or Veterans Administration (VA).

Anthrax postcards available for easy mailing
Note: Eileen has been a primary contact with the Anthrax Heavy Metal Band, whose members have taken up the cause against the anthrax vaccine, and various activists in this movement. Her message follows:

We printed new ANTRHAX postcards. I can now send you a quantity. I suggest that if you have members concerned with the issue in different parts of the country that you send them each a batch to mail out. We need to be all over the nation. I also suggest we descend on the military bases as well. If you have any contacts in the towns with military bases, these postcards can be all over town in car windshields in a few hours at Walmart and the supermarkets.

150 for $20.00 plus mailing
500 for $50.00 plus mailing

Eileen Dannemann,
Director, National Coalition of Organized Women
917 804-0786 cell Quote of the day: Dont ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive!

Health Support Group forming for those ill from vaccines

I know many of you are having health problems and are in search of help. To be of assistance I am going to hold a health support group that will meet once a week. This health support group will be held using a conference call system. The group will meet once a week for the first 4 weeks and then every two weeks for the next 4 weeks. The calls will take place on Tuesdays at 9:00 EST. Tentative start date is Tuesday, May 24 - depending on how quickly we can organize the group.

Speeches and handouts from April 1 Anthrax Band press conference

This sheet contains hot links to the speeches and handouts presented today at the Anthrax Band press conference in New York City. Speeches are from the Military Vaccine Education Center, the National Vaccine Information Center, and the Alliance for Human Research Project. We also urge you to look at Scott Miller's extraordinary movie and move trailer for "Direct Order," at www.directorder.com


MISSOULA, MT: In a move that combines political activism with a long-awaited musical reunion, the heavy metal band Anthrax (www.anthraxtheband.com) will hold a press conference on Friday, April 1, at 2 p.m. Eastern at the Sirius broadcast center in New York City. The press conference will be broadcast live over Hard Attack/27, Sirius' extreme heavy metal channel. A telephone line will be set up for off-site journalists to call in with questions for the band: the number is 866-510-5377. Non-musical speakers at the press conference include Randi Airola, Executive Director of the Military Vaccine Education Center; Barbara Loe Fisher, President of the National Vaccine Information Center (www.909shot.com); Vera Hassner Sharav, President of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (www.ahrp.org) ; and Eileen Danneman, Director of the National Coalition of Organized Women. See the band's full press release at http://www.milvacs.org/anthra~4.doc.

Comments to FDA posted on Military Vaccine Action Committee site

THe 90-day public comment period to submit comments to the FDA regarding the anthrax vaccine's license has just ended this evening. Please visit the Military Vaccine Action Committee's web site for a strong selection of the comments and documents that were submitted.

HHS letter points out history of DoD unable to handle Investigational New Drugs

Pentagon's disregard of the law and of proper medical procedures outlined in 1997 letter from Health & Human Services.

2001 Memos reveal White House knew of problems

2001 memo confirms Anthrax Vaccine, Gulf War Illness were "problems"; another 2001 memo outlines Undersecretary's recommendations to the SECDEF.

MISSOULA, MT: The Military Vaccine Education Center (MVEC) and the Military Vaccine Action Committee (MVACPAC), as well as the following organizations (list to be constinuously updated as responses come in), join together to fully endorse DC Federal District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan's ruling declaring the anthrax vaccine program to be illegal without informed consent or a Presidential waiver. Recognizing that the vaccine has long been illegal and that public input has not been allowed in the process, Judge Sullivan has saved the lives and health of countless troops with his ruling.

There is much work yet to be done. We call upon the Dept. of Defense to immediately clear the names and records of those who have refused the vaccine by restoring their military rank, pay, and status. We also call upon the Defense Department to cease and desist their historic pattern of dishonorably denying that the illnesses of the troops are connected to military medicine. Instead the troops must be afforded proper medical care, without being accused of being malingerers.

We call upon our government officials and all citizens to remember that our constitution calls for civilian control over the military. We respectfully remind the Congress that they are elected to stand up for the troops, while providing direction and leadership to the Defense Department, not the other way around. ###

Military Vaccine Action Committe Endorses H.R. 5166
The newly formed Military Vaccine Action Committee, a non-connected PAC, strongly endorses Rep. Christopher Shay's HB 5166, a bill introduced yesterday in the House of Representatives to "prohibit the Department of Defense from requiring members of the Armed Forces to receive the anthrax and smallpox immunizations without their consent, to correct the records of service members previously punished for refusing to take these vaccines, and for other purposes."

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