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Military Vaccine Resource Directory.

The Military Vaccine Resource Directory is an outgrowth of several earlier efforts concerning the anthrax vaccine: the original Anthrax Vaccine Network, a web site called majorbates.com, and the Military Vaccine Education Center. These efforts have detailed the troubled, illegal history of the development and use of the experimental anthrax vaccine upon members of the armed services, from the first Gulf War through the present day.

We continue to provide information on military vaccines in general, because of several problems with military protocol:

  1. The lack of proper medical screening of a service member and lack of review of the person's medical records to discover any contraindications before administering vaccines;
  2. The military's penchant for giving multiple vaccines in one day, which has resulted in severe illness and/or death;
  3. The lack of adhering to the protocol called for by the vaccine package inserts, particularly the anthrax vaccine;
  4. The lack of follow-up when a person becomes ill from any of the military vaccines, and denial that adverse reactions may be connected to the faccines.

Update:  Oct. 16, 2006:  The anthrax vaccine is now, once again, being declared a mandatory vaccine for our service members, after nearly two years of sanity when it was declared voluntary by federal Judge Emmett Sullivan in Washington, D.C.   We had some brief moments of rejoicing that our troops were at last being given informed consent as required by law - but that time is now over. 

In addition, as the Pentagon has long made clear, there are many more bioterrorism vaccines in the pipeline, and the first that we have seen to hit both our military and civilian populations is the smallpox vaccine - a vaccine whose dangers are well documented. New vaccines for such diseases as eblola, the plague, ricin, and more are all vaccines to watch as they move through FDA's accelerated drug pipeline.  In the "Vaccines in Development" section of this web site, you can read a fairly comprehensive collection of articles about these vaccines.

As in the first Gulf War, some of our troops are coming home from the current war incredibly ill. Some don't make it at all. Rachel Lacy, a member of the Army Reserve, died after receiving multiple vaccinations which included both the anthrax and smallpox vaccines. The military has long had a policy of delivering multiple vaccines all at once, on the same day. Some troop members have been claimed by a mysterious pneumonia, which has been known to be linked to the anthrax vaccine - but is still under investigation.

Other troop members are alive, but their health has been incapacitated so greatly that they must leave the service. Too often, these veterans then fight for another two years or more to obtain their VA benefits. In the meantime, they are unable to work, but must pay their medical bills themselves, leading to the loss of homes, cars, and other possessions. Understandably, many marriages fail under the strain.

The attrition rate in the military due to these vaccines is something yet to be addressed by the Pentagon.

There remains the question of our troops being given Investigational New Drugs without their informed consent or a presidential waiver, as is required by law. Sadly, the Pentagon has a long history of conducting medical experiments upon the troops. Information about these legal questions and the Pentagon's history is also provided on this web site (see the "History of Human Experimentation" of this site, in order to provide a more complete frame of reference for the vaccine information itself.


Web site manager and owner: Kathryn D. Hubbell

After Kathy's son received three anthrax shots in 2000 while in the Air Force, she researched the vaccine extensively, and then, convinced there was a severe problem that the military was not acknowledging, took initial action by forming the Anthrax Vaccine Network. About two years later, a set of adverse circumstances led her to step aside, and AVN was taken over by Randi Airola and Jane Tier.  The group temporarily became the Military Vaccine Education Center until funding ran out.  Individuals now communicate largely through the anthrax-no chat group, and through a chat group formed at the National Vaccine Information Center.

The web site, now the Military Vaccine Resource Directory, builds upon the original work of the Anthrax Vaccine Network and the work of Major Sonnie Bates (USAF-ret.) and Lt. Col. John Richardson (USAF-ret.) and their web site, majorbates.com, which is now incorporated as part of this site. 

Kathy remains grateful for the research conducted by Major Tom Rempfer and his partner in "Tiger Team Alpha," the late Lt. Col. Russell Dingle (CT Air National Guard).  Tasked by their commander to investigate the questions surrounding the anthrax vaccine, and then later punished when they asked questions of their own which could not be answered, their research nevertheless laid the groundwork upon which many others have relied for several years.  Their work can be seen on the Pilots' Corner of this web site.

Even though Kathy's son is now out of the service and therefore out of danger, the memories of the sick troops and veterans she has met through her work on the anthrax vaccine remain with her, and have compelled her to keep working to stop medical experimentation on our troops, and to restore their constitutional rights.

In addition to her son and daughter-in-law, Kathy has a daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons. She has run her own public relations consulting firm for the past 24 years, and in August, 2007, expects to complete work on a Master's in Communications Management through Syracuse University's S.I. New House School of Communications.  In the fall of 2006, she was elected to the Public Relations Society of America's College of Fellows, a life-time achievement recognition granted by her peers - and only granted to about 400 out of 21,000 public relations professionals in PRSA to date.  The award is particularly significant to her because it also recognizes her years of volunteer work on the anthrax vaccine.  Kathy lives in Missoula, Montana, and can be reached by writing contact@mvrd.org.




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