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Military Vaccine Resource Directory.

The Military Vaccine Resource Directory exists to provide a comprehensive overview of mandatory military bioterrorism vaccinations. . 

Essentially a watchdog and public education web site, our mission is to communicate the DoD’s history of medical experimentation on the troops, with particular focus on keeping the transparency we have been able to achieve through working on the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program. The government needs to be held accountable for the grievous and illegal damages done to the troops and Gulf War I and II veterans under the former and current anthrax vaccine program, as well as be held accountable for current and future development of the anthrax vaccine and other bioterrorism vaccines.

An informed, alert, and active citizenry is needed to ensure that the Constitutional rights of our troops are no longer abandoned, and that they no longer have to fear their own government when they seek to serve and protect that same government and its people.

The documents on this site contain public information, all of which can be found with a willingness to research and to learn, but are here for easier reference. The links provided on this site have been chosen for the services they provide, or in the interest of providing access to different viewpoints, cherishing our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom to redress the government.

We will not desert you.
You, who have donned the uniform of our country and pledged your life to defend us,
We pledge to defend you with our honor, our work, the sweat of our brows,
Until you are no longer a medical experiment;
Until your pain is treated, and treated correctly;
Until your voice is heard and you are no longer ignored;
Until your sacrifices are recognized and you no longer have to defend yourself against your own government.
You do us honor in the face of those who would shame you.
We will walk with you.
We will not desert you.

Site owner:  Kathryn D. Hubbell.  Write to contact@mvrd.org or hkathryn7@qwest.net, or write to P.O. Box 8168, Missoula, MT 59807

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