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Adverse Reactions, Symptoms, and Illnesses
Military Vaccine Resource Directory.

Adverse reactions to the anthrax vaccine are varied, simply because each person's immune system functions a little differently. The most common adverse reactions include bone and joint pain, skin rashes and infections, short-term memory loss, severe fatigue, headaches, and vertigo. Other reactions include seizures, blackouts, cysts and tumors on internal organs, autoimmune illnesses, vision problems, hormone problems such as testosterone failure in men, hemorrhaging and inability to conceive in women, and tingling and numbness in the extremities. The above link connects to a list of adverse reactions as reported through VAERS forms, to the Anthrax Vaccine Network, and to The Military Vaccine Resource Directory.

Diagnoses of illness resulting from the anthrax vaccine are difficult. The list you see here is, again, a combination of military and private lists.

VAERS Reports οΎ– a large Excel spreadsheet of data from those who have turned in VAERS reports concerning the anthrax vaccine.

Some troops have reacted immediately to the anthrax vaccine; for others, reactions seem to set in a bit later, within days or weeks and gradually increasing in intensity. For reasons we do not understand, the fourth shot in the series tends to be the "kicker." Many troops will get through the first three shots in pretty good shape, but the fourt shot - due six months after the first three - may send them into a no-man's land of ill health from which they cannot seem to recover. Yet, other troops react immediately to the first shot; and others don't report severe problems until the fifth or sixth shot. Of course, there are those who do not seem to get sick at all. But the University of Kansas study done last year does indicate that the anthrax vaccine plays a role in a long-term decline in subjective health, so it is worth keeping careful track of your health at all times after receiving the vaccine.

There are also some lot numbers which we have learned to associate with especially adverse reactions. They are (so far) 020, 030, 017 and 041. However, as you'll see on the adverse reactions list, the lot numbers are of a wide variety.

Adverse reactions to the smallpox vaccine include disfiguring skin disorders, blindness, neurological impairments and death. No one knows what percentage of recipients will suffer these complications.

NOTE: We are in the process of developing a Data Base of The Ill, which will be available via this web site for members of MVEC, and for registered journalists (they must register on the site). The data base will not contain names or contact information; each person will be coded with a number, and the corresponding names will be kept at a private site off-line. If you would like to be included in the Data Base of the Ill, please write us at contact@milvacs.org.

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