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First Steps
Military Vaccine Resource Directory.

If you suspect you are ill from one of the mandatory vaccines given to you prior to, or during a deployment, take the following steps:

  1. Keep a daily journal of each shot you had, when you had it, the lot number, and where you were stationed when you got the shot. List each reaction you have had to each shot. If you went for medical treatment, keep track of who you saw and when, and what kind of treatment or recommendations you received. Even if your reaction - your symptom or illness - seems to have developed some time after taking the vaccine, write it down anyway, with a note as to whether you ever had such a symptom or illness before taking the vaccine.
  2. Get copies of your medical records. The daily journal is meant to supplement your formal medical record and shot record, which you should have copies of. If you don't have copies, get them immediately. You may or may not be able to get them later if needed.
  3. File a VAERS report at https://secure.vaers.org/VaersDataEntryintro.htm. This is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System through the FDA, and your identity will be confidential. You may be told that others will file this for you, but the only way to be sure is to do it yourself.
  4. If you are still on active duty, and need more medical help and advice than you seem to be getting, contact Walter Reed's (WR) Vaccine Healthcare Center (VHC) at http://www.vhcinfo.wramc.amedd.army.mil/ or call: 202-782-0411; DSN: 662-0411. You have a legal right to do this, but the contact must come from you directly, or someone to whom you have given a legal Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.

      There are four Vaccine Healthcare Centers around the country, with more planned if the funding is provided by Congress. So whether or not you live in the D.C. area, make the call or send the e-mail, and be sure to provide your contact information.

      A case manager assigned to you will want to review your medical records. If you need further tests, these will be done at your base if it has the capabilities. If not, then you'll be referred to a Vaccine Healthcare Center as close to you as possible, or to Walter Reed itself. Your unit is financially responsible in either case.

      If you are newly ill, and just now trying to find help, it is important to understand a few things right away:

      • Although you will receive excellent testing and support at Walter Reed or another Vaccine Healthcare Center (the normal stay is about two weeks), and may find help in alleviating your symptoms, there may not be a cure for the underlying problems. There has been no long-term study done on the anthrax vaccine. As with most vaccines, the effects hit the immune system the hardest - and often the neurological system. Western medicine is ill-prepared to deal with these types of illnesses. Please see our health care suggestions at http://www.mvrd.org/Suggestions.cfm on this web site for alternative medical and nutritional suggestions which seem to have helped a number of our sick troops and vets.
      • If necessary, a Vaccine Healthcare Center can suggest to your unit that you be exempt from further shots, but cannot order such an exemption.
      • Again, obtain a copy of your Vaccine Health Center medical records summary, with any attendant recommendation.

      A few tips:

      • Follow through. Make your appointments, and keep them. This applies to both the Vaccine Health Care Centers and working with the VA. If you don't stay in consistent contact and keep your appointments, it may be assumed that you no longer need help.
      • If your unit is objecting to your request for review or treatment at a Vaccine Healthcare Center, let them know. Walter Reed and other VHC's may be able to have some influence and help you get the permission you need.
      • The same advice applies if you are facing a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB): keep your appointments religiously; take all medications as prescribed; stay in constant contact, and be sure all the people you have seen and the whole record of your experience has been entered into your chart, which is the defining document.
      • You may opt to face a Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) in order to contest an MEB decision if you have been rated at less than 30% disability. If you are sure you're sicker than that, it is worth spending the time to contest the rating and buying yourself a little more time to continue tracking your illness and laying down a paper trail.
      • For more on the MEB and PEB processes, see the following web sites:
      • If you are facing a Medical Evaluation Board or a Physical Evaluation Board, you are entitled to free legal services through the military to find a military attorney to represent you.
      • Finally, please see our section on this web site entitled "Rebuilding Your Life." We want to help you get beyond feeling "stuck" in your illness and in your life, and give you specific tools for moving into the future. Note: if you don't see that section yet, it's coming soon!

        Contact list for Vaccine Healthcare Centers:

        Walter Reed National Vaccine Healthcare Center
        P.O. Box 59606
        Washington, DC 20012-0606
        DSN: 662-0411

        Walter Reed Regional Vaccine Healthcare Center
        P.O. Box 59605
        Washington, DC 20012-0605

        Portsmouth Regional Vaccine Healthcare Center
        4th Deck, Bldg 215
        620 John Paul Jones Circle
        Portsmouth, VA 23708-2197
        (757) 953-9150
        DSN: 377-9150

        Fort Bragg Regional Vaccine Healthcare Center
        1-2539 Hamilton Street
        Fort Bragg, NC 28310
        (910) 432-4015
        DSN: 239-4017

        Wilford Hall Regional Vaccine Healthcare Center
        2131 Pepperrell Street, Bldg 3350|
        Lackland AFB, TX 78236-5314
        (210) 292-0482
        DSN: 554-0483

        For Clinical Consultation:
        Walter Reed Vaccine Healthcare Center
        Fax: 202-782-4658

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