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Suggestions to help your immune system
Military Vaccine Resource Directory.

The anthrax vaccine seems to put the immune system into overdrive, to the point where it turns on itself. Other vaccines can trigger problems as well. The smallpox vaccine is well-known for causing heart problems, for example.

When we've recommended various methods to strengthen the immune system, many vets have written back, "The last thing I need is a stronger immune system! What are you talking about?"

A better way of saying it is that we recommend giving your body a fighting chance, by clearing out the toxins you may have accumulated, and changing your eating and drinking habits. We also recommend searching out a homeopathic physician for further help as needed.

Consider the following: BioPort, the manufacturer of the anthrax vaccine, was cited numerous times for quality control issues, including lack of sterility, contaminated product, and switching the expiration labels on some lots of the vaccine. Whatever the cause - from bad manufacturing to the concept of the vaccine itself - most of the adverse reactions to the vaccine are tied in some way to the human immune system and to the neurological system.

Many troops and veterans have told us that taking nutritional supplements, herbs and vitamins are helping to alleviate their symptoms and fatigue. We offer the thought that your body needs to regain some of its former natural strength, so that it can deal with the problems it is currently facing.

Toward that end, vets who have "de-toxed" their bodies through juicing and other methods, report that while initial results are difficult to get through, once they start putting different foods and vitamins into their bodies, many of their symptoms gradually disappear and strength starts to return.

DISCLAIMER: We want to stress that the following information, gained from personal experiences with immune system illnesses and with various troops' reactions to the vaccine, in no way constitutes medical advice, nor do we recommend taking natural supplements without first consulting your physician. Certain supplements do interact with prescription medicines, and only your own physician can help you decide what might be best for you.

It is our understanding that the road back to health - and some are making it back - is difficult and long. But it is surely better than the alternatives of ill health and the incapacitation which so many of you are experiencing.

  1. Purchase and read the book, Nutritional Healing, by James F. Balch, M.D., and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C. It's available in General Nutrition Centers, natural health food stores, and many bookstores. It's a big paperback, and there is a long section in it on working with the immune system. This book also gives careful explanations of all the supplements it talks about it any way. (Note: We are not tied in any way to this book or its authors, and receive nothing for recommending it here. We recommend it solely on the basis of personal experience.)

  2. Get rid of the toxins already in your body. You can do this in a concentrated way with the help of a homeopathic physician and juicing techniques, or you can take a less-intensive course and eliminate the following from your diet:

    White refined sugar

    Eliminate most, if not all, of the following:
    White processed flour products
    Soda pop - these just dump plain old chemicals and caffeine into your system
    Prepared, packaged foods - they are preserved with salts and sugars, and too often contain chemical colorings, flavorings, MSG, and so forth. Your immune system doesn't want these, either.

    Buy food in its natural state, such as:
    Apples, bananas, and other fruit
    Potatoes and other root crops
    Broccoli and other veggies
    Meat and fish

  3. Cook simple meals yourself. This doesn't mean you shouldn't eat out in restaurants or accept an invitation when friends invite you to dinner. Go! Enjoy life! Just be sure that about 90% of the meals you eat are cooked or prepared from natural food, not from packaged food. Eat lots of brown rice, not white rice. Drink lots of pure fruit juice, not fruit cocktails or fruit punches.

These seemingly simple instructions can be difficult to carry out. A lifetime of habits doesn't disappear overnight. You may want to try these "de-tox" techniques in incremental steps; but you may also want a fast, clean, new start, and if so, we do recommend that you work under professional supervision.

Other recommendations:

To combat fatigue, weakness, a propensity for colds and the flu, and arthritic symptoms, we found the following particularly helpful:

  1. Co-Enzyme Q10 - strengthens the immune system
  2. Garlic Capsules - garlic acts as a natural kind of antibiotic
  3. Echinacea (only take for 6 weeks at a time, then take a break) Most people know about Echinacea, and take it at the first sign of a cold or flu; but it also helps enormously to lift the first fatigue and other initial symptoms
  4. Acidophillis (non-dairy) - helps put good bacteria back in your stomach lining.
  5. Evening Primrose Oil - helps women, but also is good for men's immune systems
  6. Ginkgo Biloba - for mental alertness - but if it contains ginseng, be careful, because that can cause bad reactions with prescription drugs. Again, consult your physician.
  7. Extra Vitamin C - up to 1000 mgs. Per day
  8. Extra Vitamin E - up to 1000 mgs. Per day
  9. Boron - in limited amounts - helps bone and joint pain
  10. Calcium - helps bones and joints, and also helps calm your mind
  11. Vitamin B complex - helps enormously with stress and depression
  12. Multiple Vitamin tablets - to be sure you are getting everything else you need

We recently saw an article in Newsweek written by a couple of physicians which recommended the following to help prevent and treat colds and the flu (seems to work):

  1. Olive Leaf Extract
  2. NEC 600 (n-acetyl-l-cysteine)
  3. Astragalus

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