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Healthcare resources
Military Vaccine Resource Directory.

Roman Bystrianyk
PH: 203.298.9041 Although not a physician, Roman is highly educated in natural health care matters and has been recommended by a veteran who was extremely ill from the anthrax vaccine. e-mail: rbystrianyk@healthsentinel.com web site: http://www.healthsentinel.com

The Walter Reed Vaccine Healthcare Center(WRVHC)
PH: 202-782-0411
e-mail: askVHC@amedd.army.mil
DSN: 662-0411
web site: http://www.vhcinfo.wramc.amedd.army.mil/

Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati
Dr. Al-Bayati is a toxicologist with experience in helping to diagnose and treat symptoms related to the anthrax vaccine.

Dr. Garth Nicolson
Dr. Nicolson, a research scientist, is an expert in Gulf War Illness, chronic fatigue, and other illnesses. Click here for his Jan. 29, 2002 Congressional Testimony.

The National Veterans Organization of America
The NVOA is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Veterans Benefits. They are a group of veterans, over 5,000 strong, who are sick and tired of the way that veterans are treated by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Congress.

Disabled Veterans of America
The DAV is a non-profit organization representing all of the disabled veterans in the country.

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