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Your Health Care

Western medicine does not deal well with the immune system, and sometimes not well with the neurological system, and those are the two systems in your body which are most likely to be out of whack from taking these vaccines if you have become ill.

However, your doctors can run a battery of tests to find out more specifically what is wrong with you. This is where your first direct involvement is critically important.

You need to be an active partner in your own health care. If you feel you need a certain type of test, do not hesitate to ask for it. Ask about any diagnosis you receive; ask about the full range of treatments and possible side effects. Ask about referrals for a second or even third opinion. If you don't ask the questions, who will do it on your behalf? If you don't get the information about your diagnoses and recommended treatments, who will do it on your behalf? Doctors are only human, just like the rest of us. They do need your participation.

Learn all you can about the conditions affecting you, and about the underlying systems such as the immune system and the neurological system. There are both excellent online resources and excellent books out there. The more educated you become about what is going on with your body, the more empowered you will become to do something about it.

Consider alternative medical resources such as acupuncture, de-toxing your body, and taking nutritional supplements. Our section on "Health Care Suggestions" at http://www.mvrd.org/Sick/Suggestions.cfm provides a lot of information about nutritional supplements. Acupuncture is something we are hearing about more and more as a surprising treatment that is providing relief for a number of symptoms and conditions for those affected by these vaccines.

Commit yourself to changes in your lifestyle, in your eating and drinking habits, in all of your routines. This is very difficult, especially if you feel bogged down in depression. Here's the best way to approach it: Don't swallow the whale. Make one small change at a time. Gradually reduce your intake of caffeine, for example. Only when you have that down to little or nothing should you also try to cut out white sugar. If you try to make too many changes all at once, it may backfire on you.

The only change you should make instantly is this: if you smoke, stop.

Surround yourself with positive images, positive messages, positive people. If you keep looking inward, and keep looking at your own problems, then your mind will focus only on problems and not on the future, not on solutions. Look up and out. Even if you have a terminal autoimmune illness, look up and out. Somewhere, it will make a difference to a child; somewhere, someone is taking inspiration from your attitude and your struggle; somewhere, someone is learning patience and love by knowing you. If your job is nothing more than to teach what true humanity is, then teach well.

Call Roman. Roman Bystrianyk is a nutritionist by interest and experience, and he runs an incredible web site at http://www.healthsentinel.com. He has helped many of our service members and veterans - for free - to be rid of their pain and many other physical symptoms purely through changes in their diet and lifestyle. You can reach him at: (203) 298-9041. You may not always find this road easy, but you'll find it worthwhile.

Here are some other healthcare resources we highly recommend:

The Body at War: How the Immune System Works, by John Dwyer 1993, by the Orion Publishing Group, London

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James F. Balch, M.D., and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C. 1993, by Avery Publishing Group, New York

Finally, give yourself a break. Part of healing, part of having a good attitude, and part of moving into the future is to be gentle with yourself.

A little over 12 years ago, at the age of 44, I came down with a severe case of adult-onset mononucleosis. I was in bed for the better part of 10 months, and at times would sleep for 15-to-18 hours at a stretch. It was very disorienting; I would lose sense of the days and the nights. All I knew was debilitating fatigue and its accompanying clinical depression. The depression was actually harder to bear than the fatigue.
People thought it came on rather suddenly. I thought it had built up over about 20 years, because I always assumed my body would follow along and do whatever I wanted it to do, support me in whatever I wanted to be involved in. It wouldn't. Whether an old virus that had "morphed" in my system, as my doctor suspected, or a new exposure to a friend's son who had mono that year, the point was that my system was weakened long before I got ill.
Regardless of the cause, it was nearly a decade - nearly 10 solid years - before I stopped having relapses, and to this day, the "fatigue attacks" hit if I'm under a lot of stress or have eaten the wrong foods. Not pushing myself so hard, and remembering which foods and what drink I can tolerate, and which seem to weaken my body, both have to remain top priorities.
Giving yourself a break is not always manifested in such an obvious way; but it is directly tied to your health and well-being.

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