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Anthrax Vaccine
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Just a few brief facts, which follow this paragraph, are enough to raise most people's eyebrows. You can also scroll down below this section for advice on what to do if you are facing deployment and are being ordered to take the vaccine, a chronology documenting the history of this vaccine, adverse reactions troops and veterans have reported, a full symptoms list taken from VAERS reports and medical reports, and more resources.  Click here to read more about <a href="http://chealth.canoe.ca/channel_section_details.asp?text_id=1484&channel_id=1020&relation_id=8576"> Anthrax as a biological weapon </a>.

  1. The FDA's new label (2002) on the anthrax vaccine admits to a systemic averse reaction rate of between 5% and 35% - whereas previously, the DoD claimed it was a mere .02%. Since then, the GAO (Government Accounting Office, a watch-dog agency) has come out with a new report estimating the systemic adverse reaction rate is probably as high as 85%. In addition, it is known that women have twice the adverse reaction rate as men. The GAO also issued a 2001 report that of the Guard and Reserve units forced to take the vaccine, fully 25% of the pilots resigned or obtained transfers out of their units rather than take the vaccine and jeopardize their civilian flying careers.
  2. The anthrax vaccine was never originally licensed for use against aerosolized anthrax, and thus was used on our troops illegally up until December, 2003. Just eight days after the Dec. 22, 2003 decision by federal Judge Emmett Sullivan's that orders to take the vaccine were illegal, the FDA issued a ruling that it was both legal and safe - based on animal data. See further developments in the lawsuits section; and see the update in the press release section of the home page.
  3. The anthrax vaccine was originally licensed based on data from a different vaccine. The only safety/efficacy study ever done on human beings was done on that different vaccine. The FDA and DoD have also previously admitted that efficacy based on animal studies against inhalation is problematic because no proven correlate of immunity between animals and humans exists for anthrax infection.
  4. The anthrax vaccine protocol originally called for 3 shots only; the change to a series of 6 shots with annual boosters was done with no foundation in research or fact. The label was actually changed to reflect the protocol then in practice; the protocol was not dictated by instructions on the label.
  5. BioPort, the original manufacturer of the vaccine, changed its filtering and fermenting equipment in 1991 without notifying the FDA. The result was a 100-fold increase in the potency of the vaccine. It was used anyway. BioPort also produced non-sterile and contaminated vaccine and changed expiration dates on labels of some of the vaccine lots to portray false expiration dates. BioPort's was issued a new contract with the government to produce more anthrax vaccine in the week between Judge Sullivan's ruling and the FDA declaration that the vaccine is legal. Strangely enough, although the government has awarded contracts to several other companies to produce a new and better anthrax vaccine (see "Vaccines in Development" on this web site), as of Oct. 16, 2006, the same old BioPort brew is going to again be mandated for the troops.
  6. A Kansas State University Study has definitely pointed to the anthrax vaccine as one of the major components of Gulf War Syndrome.
  7. An adjuvant, or vaccine booster, called squalene is present in an unknown number of lots of the anthrax vaccine. Though its presence was long denied by the DoD, FDA testing eventually proved its presence in at least five lots, possibly more. The use. of squalene as an adjuvant for human beings is illegal in both the U.S. and Great Britain. It is known to be a primary cause of severe arthritis and other debilitating conditions when injected.
  8. Micoplasma is also present in the vaccine. Mycoplasma are the smallest of free-living organisms, and can reproduce outside of living cells. They can cause chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, urogenital tract, and joints. The most common human illnesses caused by mycoplasma are due to infection with M. pneumoniae, which is responsible for 10-20% of all pneumonias. This type of pneumonia is also called atypical pneumonia, walking pneumonia, or community-acquired pneumonia. Infection moves easily among people in close contact because it is spread primarily when infected droplets circulate in the air (that is, become aerosolized), usually due to coughing, spitting, or sneezing.@ (Source: Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine online)

If you are facing deployment and orders to take the shots...

Chronology -- This easy-to-read timeline makes the errors, misjudgments and denials that characterize the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program immediately obvious.  Also see the press release section on the home page of this web site. 

Immune System and health care suggestion

New anthrax vaccine Label:  http://www.fda.gov/OHRMS/DOCKETS/98fr/05n-0040-bkg0001.pdf

"Anthrax: A Deadly Shot in the Dark" a book by Lt. Col. Tom Heemstra

Two movies by Scott Miller: "Direct Order", the story of the anthrax vaccine as told by its victims and those fighting to halt it, narrated by Michael Douglas;
and "Raven Warrior", the story of Corporal Jared Schwartz, the first U.S. serviceman to be court-martialed for refusing the anthrax vaccine.


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