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Pilots' Corner - Lt. Col. Jay Lacklen
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Lt. Col. Jay Lacklen, a 33-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, first began speaking out about the anthrax vaccine in 2000. The recipient of 4 shots at the time, he had developed both severe arthritis and a painful autoimmune condition. Since that time, Lt. Col. Lacklen has repeatedly refused the vaccine, challend the Air Force to court martial him on the basis that troops were not being treated in the same manner across the ranks, and on the basis of the presence of an illegal adjuvant, squalene, in the vaccine. However, when the deadline came for his final refusal of a 5th shot, Lacklen made a choice based on two critical factors. First, he knew that the military would not allow him to present evidence in his own defense - the same way it had refused evidence from Major Sonnie Bates and Captain John Buck, M.D. Secondly, and equally as important, he realized that 5 years in prison - the sentence with which he was threatend by his chain of command - would mean that his daughters, still living at home, would be left without their major financial support, and without a father. So Lacklen made a decision that meant a sacrifice of some of his personal values concerning the vaccine and the troops under his command in order to live by a higher value - the love of his daughters. He has also made a continued sacrifice of his health: he took his 5th shot.

Jay Lacklen's courage and inegrity are unquestioned. He recognizes that he should never have been asked to make such a decision.

Please note that Lt. Col. Lacklen did not write this introduction. The editor of this web site felt his actions warranted this tribute.

Aug. 11, 2003: Pilot takes anthrax vaccine
by Scott Schonauer, Stars and Stripes
Lt. Col. Jay Lacklen said he had concluded that he had no chance of beating the military in court. ..."I had the science to beat them, but if they wouldn't allow it into court, it would do me no good," Lacklen said..."I'd be, essentially, defenseless, despite having an excellent defense."

Aug. 8, 2003: AF officer repeatedly refuses anthrax shot, but does not get day in court
by Scott Schonauer, Stars and Stripes
NAVAL STATION ROTA, Spain - Even with his 33-year military career on the line, Lt. Col. Jay Lacklen wants the Air Force to court-martial him.

June 18, 2003: Pilot Wants To Challenge Vaccine Says Military Transferred Him To Avoid Issue
by Dennie Williams, (Connecticut) Hartford Courant
A U.S. Air Force pilot is attempting to force the military to begin a court martial against him in an effort to highlight the plight of other soldiers who have been disciplined for refusing to take a controversial anthrax vaccine.

April 13, 2002: Dover, Delaware Air Force Base Pilot: 'We would not be ready' - Anthrax shots reduce ranks, officer says
Tom Eldred, Delaware State News/Associated Press
"But Lt. Col. Jay Lacklen, a 28-year veteran reservist with more than 11,000 hours flying for the Air Force, said the situation in the 326th Airlift Squadron at Dover is serious. According to Lt. Col. Lacklen, available pilots in his C-5 unit are only at about 60 percent of capacity. Nine out of 10, he said, have dropped out because of the anthrax vaccine situation."

April 10, 2000: The Vaccination Debate A PBS Interview:
by Ann Bowser
reports on the continuing debate over the Anthrax vaccine. When the balloon goes up or the North Koreans go South, they're going to come to me and say "okay, give me your 58 pilots." And I said, "I'm not going to have 58 pilots. I going to have 33, 34, 35, maybe 40 in a couple of months." I'm just not going to have them.

60 Minutes' Rebuttal to General Kross's Exclusive Interview with Defense Daily
from Defense Daily
"I believe that Lt. Col. Lacklenメs letters and memos were principled and well-grounded, and that they were sent within well-established internal lines of command and communication. Even General Gregory Martin had high praise for Lacklen. In a part of his interview with us that was not broadcast, he said that Lacklenメs input was important and valued."

Jan. 30, 2000: Military Losing Some Good People Over Anthrax; protesters say required shot as risky as disease it's meant to fight
by Greg Gordon, News Tribune Washington, D.C., Bureau - Tacoma News Tribune
"There are lots of things that have happened, even though they deny it," said Lt. Col. Jay Lacklen, 53, the chief pilot for the Air Force Reserve's 326th Airlift Squadron at Dover, who believes the shots gave him rheumatoid arthritis, a painful autoimmune disorder. "They ought to stop and investigate what they've already done."

2000: Letter from Roxanne Bates detailing the findings of her husband, Major Sonnie Bates, at Dover AFB. "
Lieutenant Colonel Jay Lacklen, Chief pilot of the reserve unit at Dover, verified the losses of his unit due to this issue. In fact, he also has sustained injuries after taking the vaccine. This man now suffers from severe joint pain and an autoimmune disorder. His shoulder is immobilized and arthritic knots have grown on his hands.

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