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If you are facing deployment and orders to take the shots
Revised Jan. 20, 2004

Military Vaccine Resource Directory.

If you are facing deployment and told to take the anthrax vaccine:
The anthrax vaccine is, as of this writing (Oct. 16, 2006), once again a mandatory vaccine, after two years of being declared voluntary by a federal court.  Please see other sections of this web site for adverse reactions, and read about symptoms and illnesses in the Data Base of the Ill.

If you are ordered to take mandatory bioterrorism  vaccines:

The orders are legal. However, some of these vaccines, such as the smallpox and anthrax vaccines, may cause severe side effects. Please see the related sections of this web site for further information.

Be sure you demand to know the lot number of your vaccination(s), and that you get copies of your shot record and all medical records.

Do NOT depend upon the military to find your medical records or shot record should you need them at a later time.

  • As soon as possible, put yourself on an immediate health regimen that includes vitamins, nutritional supplements, minerals, and a complete absence of all caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and processed sugar. Your body needs to have its own immune strength built up as much as possible. See the health section on this web site.
  • If you have an adverse reaction to any shot, files a VAERS report with the FDA yourself - a direct link is provided for this purpose on the links page of this site. Do not depend upon the military or your physician to file a VAERS report for you. AND notify your Congressional delegation, as well as the House Government Reform Committee.
  • Lay a paper trail every step of the way.  If you develop severe adverse reactions, you may eventually face a Medical Board and then find yourself dealing with the VA in an effort to get the benefits due to you.  Your ability to prove what you did and when, what you were told and when, and what medical experts evaluated you and when, will be critical to your success.

Fast facts about the anthrax vaccine that you may want to share with your chain of command:

  • The same old BioPort brew for this vaccine is being used, despite the government awarding millions of dollars in contracts to have a safer, less-reactive anthrax vaccine developed.  See the "Vaccines in Development" section of this web site.
  • Be sure your chain of command understands that the FDA and the DoD are claiming the vaccine is safe and licensed based on animal data, when there is actually no correlate between animal data and human data regarding the safety of the vaccine. This, once again, makes the vaccine illegal.
  • Be sure these same people have read and understand the vaccine's new label - stating that the adverse reaction rate is from 5-35%, not the .2% the old label stated; and that there have been 21 deaths related to the vaccine. Remind them of the 2002 GAO report that says even those reaction rates are understated, and that systemic reaction to the vaccine is more likely to be as high as 85%. Ask them why such a high percentage of troops should be put at risk in time of war.

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