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The first four links below contained the archived stories by reporter Thomas D. "Dennie" Williams of the Hartford Courant newspaper in Hartford, Connecticut.  Dennie has done ground-breaking work in covering the anthrax vaccine and a multitude of other problems affecting our troops, including the stories on depeleted uranium, Gulf War Illness, and Project Shad (medical experimentation) that you see here.  As we continue to develop and change this web site, we'll make access to Dennie's stories a little easier.

The fifth link is an Excel spreadsheet listing all of the medical articals with the late Lt. Col. Russ Dingle (CT Air National Guard) used in his extensive research on the background, adverse effects, and illegality of the investigational anthrax vaccine.  WIth his partner, Major Tom Rempfer, the two "Tiger Team Alpha" members researched the anthrax vaccine at the request of their commander - and subsequently lost their jobs.  You can learn their whole story on the Pilots' Corner section of this web site.

Anthrax Vaccine.htm - strories by Dennie Williams
depleted uranium.htm - stories by Dennie Williams
Gulf War Illness.htm - stories by Dennie Williams
PROJECT SHAD.htm - stories by Dennie Williams
Russ' medical articles data base.xls - references for anthrax vaccine research

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