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Gulf War Syndrome
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Gulf War Syndrome long remained an anomaly to both the military and scientific communities. In fact, its very existence has been denied, meaning medical treatment for troops and veterans has been too often denied as well.
The confusion resulted because Gulf War Syndrome is actually a collection of symptoms and illnesses involving the immune system and the neurological system. From a mild case of bone and joint pain, to severe fatigue, autoimmune illnesses and brain damage, Gulf War vets have experienced an enormous diversity of reactions. Differences in the "chemical cocktails" the troops were forced to take and the substances they were exposed to, and differences in the human immune system make it impossible to put Gulf War Syndrome into a tidy box of known, predictable variables.

Of special note is that even those troops who were never deployed to the Gulf during the first Gulf War; or who served after the Gulf War in such places as Korea and Kosovo have also been diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome.

Predictably, we are now hearing the first reports of illness among the troops now coming home from the second Gulf War. They have been subjected to the same inoculations as before, but this time with the addition of the smallpox vaccine; depleted uranium remains as big a threat as ever; they were ordered to take PB pills.... and what they were exposed to in the various Gulf countries remains to be seen.

An overview of Gulf War Syndrome

Sarin Gas Exposure in the Gulf has caused brain damage in vets: click onlink below


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Scientific Progress in Understanding Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: Report and Recommendations" Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses September, 2004

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