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Introduction: February 13, 2005
You will not find personal identities or contact information in this data base. Each person has been assigned an ID number to protect his or her privacy. If you are in this data base and want to know your ID number, please write to If you are a reporter and want to be able to contact someone here, please write to us at, and we will attempt to ask that person’s permission for you (we have been collecting information for several years, and may not have a person’s current contact information.).

Disclaimer: It is not possible to use the information in this data base for statistical purposes. First of all, it is self-reported information, so there are obvious limitations to the parameters. Secondly, information reported to us is not always cut-and-dried; it does not always fall neatly into the “searchable” categories seen here. A person may have told us he received 3 anthrax shots, for example, and he now exhibits such-and-such a range of symptoms and illnesses. This data base may attribute those symptoms and illnesses to all 3 shots as a result. And, indeed, that may or may not be a valid statement; we do not know if the vaccine builds up in the system in some individuals and then produces problems. In addition, some people do not have complete medical records, so some records are missing lot numbers, locations, and so forth.

When working with the symptoms list in Screens 1, 2 and 4, please be sure to look over the list carefully; some symptoms look very similar, but are not. Although this list is a combined list from private sources as well as from the official VAERS data base, we most likely entered a symptom that reflects exactly what the person told us, and it may look very similar to another symptom. For example, “Arms: Numbness” is different than “Numbness and tingling: in Arms.”

Squalene lots : The known lot numbers that contain squalene are:

As we go live, we do not know if these lot numbers will show different reactions than other lot numbers. We will probably need more people reporting in before we can see a pattern.

All lot numbers are by number only : they do not have “AVA” or “FAV” in front of them (for the anthrax vaccine). If the lot number is long, it is more likely to be from the smallpox vaccine. The person’s full record available in Screen 4 will show the difference.

Dates: If we do not know the date a person received a particular shot, the date “ 01/01/2001 ” has been used.

When we first started programming this data base over a year ago, we didn’t anticipate quite so much ambiguity. So why have we continued? For two main reasons: to display openly the number of people who have become ill and the wide range of their conditions, including cases where other immediate family members have been affected; and to spur on further long-term research by those who are capable and have the funding. There has never been a long-term study of the effects of the anthrax vaccine; it’s past due, and desperately needed.

Please see each individual screen for an explanation of how to use that screen, and some information about results which may at not be self-explanatory at first glance.

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